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My Jesus From Heartache To Hope Book

My Jesus From Heartache To Hope Book

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In My Jesus, Anne Wilson shares her remarkable journey through the loss of her brother and the surprising moment she heard God'svoice calling her to do the unexpected--sing and create music that would draw people to Him, which then birthed her #1 hit song, “MyJesus.”Growing up in Kentucky, Anne and her two older siblings, Jacob and Elizabeth, were surrounded by a faithful community and hadabundant opportunities to play, learn, and create under the loving care of their parents. Big brother Jacob was beloved for hiskindness, charm, and endless energy. Then tragedy struck, and Jacob died in a car accident. The family's grief was all-consuming.At the funeral, Anne decided to honor her brother by singing in public for the first time. She chose "What a Beautiful Name," the lyricsevoking the power of Jesus' name. It was then that she heard God's voice calling her to create music that would glorify Him and shareHim with others.After family and friends urged her to create and post a video of her singing that song, it caught the attention of a talent scout whoalerted a music manager, and the two of them worked together for several months before Anne received an offer for a record deal. Stilldeep in grief, Anne and her family sought God's leading and decided to take the next step of faith. Anne signed with Capitol Christian Music Group and, without prior experience or professional training, began to write music. As she worked, she realized that God hadbeen building a steady, deep faith in her for many years, which flowed into the song, "My Jesus."Through the fresh, young voice of Anne Wilson, My Jesus weaves together Anne's personal story, keen insights about her transitioninto the music industry, and an inspiring look at the power of faith. With touching anecdotes about her family and a realistic depiction oflearning to trust God through the pain of grief, Anne describes her relationship with Jesus in the poignant, faith-building way that hasmoved people worldwide through her number-one song

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